The Customer Support department is increasingly becoming the face of your organization; customers judge your organization based on their experience with the service department. In short, you want your customer to have with a positive experience, one that will result in the customer remaining loyal. 

When customers have a problem, they only care about one thing, a quick solution
Are your Service Desk employees customer-oriented? Are they motivated, friendly, suitable, and do they possess all the relevant information and insight to directly answer or successfully deal with incoming calls?

Knowledge at the point of action
Has the customer called before or been in contact via other channels? If so, what is the status of the complaint handling, how valuable is he, and how long has he been a customer?

Support can be the engine of growth
A Customer Support department is still often assessed as a cost centre, assessed on the number of settled calls, the average call duration, etc. But such departments also contribute to profit developments, create customer value and provide valuable customer information. Customer Support should therefore also be seen much more as a competitive advantage, with the customer being simultaneously informed of an offer based on NBA (Next Best Activity).

We unlock your customer data platform with a 360 degree customer insight, which allows you to look up relationships and respond adequately to incoming questions and issues and possibly select a next best activity.

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