Incentive programs

Implementing an incentive program to motivate and stimulate your customers, resellers or employees is also feasible for your organization!

You can boost your relationships and employees by awarding points based on sales, number of items sold, hours worked, participation in events, introducing new relationships or employees, special moments, and / or milestones achieved.

In the incentive program, relations and employees can be divided into segments and it is possible to reward these segments or levels in different ways.

Points can be exchanged for (discount on) own products, third-party products, vouchers, or, for example, be donated to charity.

Custom made

With a custom made program you have a highly thought-through incentive program that convinces, compliments, enthuses and stimulates with conviction, and offers you appealing results in marketing, sales and hr management.

Plug & Play  

With the TICKL plug & play program, you create with little effort and short-term your own unique program. And you decide the motivational factors, the assortment, the look and the content yourself.