Incentive programs

Implementing a program to motivate or reward your customers, agents, distributors, or (resellers), is also realizable for your organization!

Membership levels
In your point program, relations can be classified into customer segments. You can reward customer segments differently, allowing you to select reward types selectively per customer segment, and letting your top customers, for example, save faster.

Membership types
In addition to a personal account, there are also options for setting up shared or group accounts.

Reward management
You can reward your relationships for (repeat) visits and purchases (response) behavior, customer information, on special occasions and the length of an (active) customer relationship.

Point redemption
Points can be redeemed for (discount on) own products, third-party products, vouchers, donated to charity, and or spent to affiliates.

Clearing house
Earned and redeemed points can be settled via a clearing house among the participating branches.

Your communication moments - such as confirmation of registration and participation, forgotten password forgotten, point balance updates, gift order confirmations - are in most cases event-driven. Content is variable and contributes to an optimal user experience.

Custom made

With a custom-made point program you have a highly thought-through loyalty program that convinces, compliments, enthuses and stimulates with conviction, and offers you appealing results in marketing, sales and customer relations management.

Plug & Play  

With the plug & play point program module, you create with little effort and short-term your own unique program. And you decide the motivational factors, the assortment, the look and the content yourself.