Our approach

We take you through various phases to realize the right loyalty program for your resellers and / or end customers.

Discover your concept

During the discovery phase, we conduct a business and technical analysis to get a clear picture of your market situation, target groups, needs, goals and technical landscape. A customer journey mapping is a valuable tool in the process. 

In the conceptual phase we bring in our learnings, the possibilities tailored to your needs & objectives, and your business case will be worked out with ballpark estimates. The right choice and simplicity determine the success of your loyalty program. 

UX & Design

In the design phase, the user interfaces and contact moments for the different platforms and channels are defined. 

The design & content team determines the design, tone-of-voice, tweaks the responsive templates, if desired in your own corporate style, match them and creates the connection with the right impact.

In order to realize this, you can work with your own agency.


With our infrastructure and using innovative technologies, we are able to realize the difference for this component. At this stage, we test and implement the various components of your program. 

Depending on your organization, we work agile, or follow a waterfall method. We not only support online communication via web, mobile, email and social, but also customer support and direct mail. 

Here you can choose a phased approach to first get to know a feedback from a select user group. 

Program Management Services

Post launch, we will continue to optimize the program and platform based on user feedback and additional requirements and monitor the key metrics and kpi's.