Finding the right solution

Because no two companies are alike, we believe in solutions tailored to your situation and objectives. Companies like Michelin, Golden Tulip Hotels, Fox Verre Reizen van ANWB, TENA, Staatsbosbeheer and State-of-Art have already preceded you.

Our experienced team of program and campaign managers leave nothing to chance.  

Omnichannel dialogue

We provide an interactive communication platform that focuses on the customer and enables you to realize the dialogue with your target audience. We do this using a platform that integrates all offline and online responses and drive your omnichannel segmented, event driven campaigns.

Customer rewarding

If you want something from your customers - repeat visits, (extra) purchases, information or recommendations - appreciate them and say thank you with a reward! By rewarding your customers in the right reasoned way, you can make the difference.

Customer nudging

We would like to guide your customers in the right direction and set up campaigns for you that stimulate your customers' behaviour in a seductive way.

Customer support

Customers are increasingly evaluating your organization based on their experiences with your customer support department. We provide simple search features and 360 customer insights, allowing you to respond adequately to questions and issues.

Monitoring & Reporting

Whether you want to track the number of active customers or you want to know the response / conversion rate of a particular campaign, with your KPI dashboard, a cross tab counting module and periodic email updates, you're in control.

Database driven

Contact moments and content are determined by behaviour and profile attributes, so that your relationships provide relevant information timely and you naturally convert your relationships to loyalty.


The customer data platform can be linked to external / internal business applications, such as cash registers, billing systems, booking systems, (customer) databases and external webshops.