B2B Loyalty programs

The solution to stay top of mind with your customers, dealers, representatives and the indirect end-customers, and stimulating them into spending more, is the multi-level communication and reward platform.

A loyalty platform tailored to your distribution channels and sales organization with the right rewards and communication.

Customers, dealers, resellers and the indirect end-customers can register for participation, allowing you to build and maintain customer relations, stimulate their purchasing behaviour and give them the attention they deserve, generating a feeling of favour, via structured contact moments.

Your sales increase significantly and, in addition to your big customers and dealers, you also get to know your smaller end-customers better.

A program that allows you to keep maintaining contact with all your customers, even in the event of a reshuffle of account management regions, or if your account management cover is temporarily not at full stength.

All generated customer insight is available to you and your account management via a central marketing database, including the customers who were previously possibly only known to the intermediaries.

All this within a manageable and well-arranged cost structure.

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