Louvre Hotels Group

Flavours and Ambassad'Or Club

On behalf of Golden Tulip Worldwide, part of the Louvre Hotels Group, we developed the complete infrastructure for the global loyalty programs Flavours and Ambassad'Or Club. 

Fox Verre Reizen van ANWB

Awareness campaigns

On behalf of FOX Verre Reizen from ANWB we teamed up with MPG. to launch awareness campaigns introducing a new loyalty program. 


Management of subscriptions and volunteers.

On behalf of Staatsbosbeheer we have (among other) set up subscription management, subscription recruitment, volunteer management, and a marketing database environment, with web services to unlock the other relationship databases, in a secure cloud environment. 



On behalf of MICHELIN Benelux we developed a benefit program for the professional transporters and tire specialists. The program is currently active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

State of Art

State of Art inspires its clients throughout the year with its own designed creations through colorful brochures. Leads to Loyals performs data processing activities to achieve a uniform and high quality address file. 

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