Marketing automation

Organizing the right contact moments that your customers appreciate, ensuring that you remain top-of-mind, and delivering immediate returns is essential for your business. We are happy to offer you our solution to set up these contact moments without costing you too much time and money.

Our solution
We set up your customer data platform by unlocking the required customer and transaction data from your systems, and implementing your campaigns in a segmented, event-driven and omni channel manner. 

We register all campaign responses centrally and return the desired data back to your systems - including valuable marketing information to your dashboard and a complete customer view for your customer support. 

We realize this for you within a secure cloud environment, which meets the required ISO certifications and European privacy legislation (GDPR).

You do not need to purchase hardware and software, obtain licenses or install updates. Our infrastructure, knowledge and expertise are available to you immediately and in real time.

We automate scalable and flexible marketing solutions, which brings your customer dialogue to a higher level.