Email marketing offers extensive possibilities for dialogue with your customers. To realize this we use an online platform, on which your custom-designed campaigns are set up. 

Email campaigns
Whether it's about managing ad hoc campaigns or event-driven campaigns, we have more than 10 years' experience in optimizing email communication.

Response web forms
Newsletter registrations, profile page updates, trial pack requests, information packs or white papers requests, online surveys, polls or unsubscribes, all responses are recorded in your customer data platform in order for you to respond to the interests and behaviour of your target group. 

What can we specifically do for you?

  • Building email and web templates, with extensive possibilities for variable content
  • Implementing process flows
  • Compatibility control on email clients, browsers and devices
  • Testing (from automated A/B testing to multivariate testing)
  • Api / SOAP links
  • Send emails
  • Collect responses (in your marketing database)
  • Social Media integration
  • Spam and virus scores
  • Online reporting on opening rates, bounces, unique clicks, CTO and CTR
  • Surveys