You want to be able to inform your customers at the right time and tune your message to their behaviour and interests, not only online but also by postal mail.

Segmented direct mail campaigns
With our print software we are able to realize all your wishes relating to variable printing and give you, with one click, insight into the number of direct mail pieces and personalized loyalty cards sent, materials used and stock levels.

Dynamic data entry environment
In due course you may have several response actions and response adverts running for generating prospects or information requests, with which requested information can vary per campaign.

Based on the campaign code entered, the dynamic data entry screen displays the completion fields for the relevant campaign, whereby the address details to be entered can be verified with national postcode reference tables for the relevant country. 

Data processing
Unifying files and executing file processes such as normalization, re-structuring, splitting address fields and de-duplicating files are all part of Leads to Loyals' standard activities. In addition we periodically take care of validating your postal address details for people who have moved, left or possibly deceased.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities, feel free to contact us.